I’ve been working with Tarryn for well over a year now and have found her diligent, thoughtful, and prompt. She’s versatile in her ability to work with both American and British English, and has a considerable knowledge base which allows her to better edit for content rather than just grammar and punctuation. When asked to proofread work edited by other professional copy editors she often finds all sorts of things the others have missed. But more importantly, she’s a pleasure to work with as she frequently offers a kind word or a witty joke to go along with her editorial suggestions.

Alex Shvartsman, UFO Publishing

It’s like magic. As I have terrible creative writing skills, the ‘stories’ I send to Tarryn are the literary equivalent of barnyard manure. Without fail, she transforms them into pieces that are coherent, descriptive, sometimes poetic – always a joy to read.

Gwyn Milcote

Tarryn provided me some much-needed insight on my project. Her passion for editing, eye for style, and utmost professionalism are traits all authors look for in an editor. She understands tone and pace without compromising the integrity of the prose. I will be returning to her for future projects. Thanks for the fabulous work!

Brad Mathews

Tarryn Thomas is open-minded and a great editor to work with. Her main editing genre is sci-fi, whereas mine was women’s fiction and romance. She took up the challenge and had no negativity towards doing my editing, and instead inspired me a lot, which I needed as a newbie. I have learned a lot from her, including managing my critical thinking, and many other gray areas of the writing process. I should say she held my hand and walked me through this imaginative world of writing. I sometimes felt like giving up on my work but she has lifted my soul and shown me the light. I feel free to contact her any time regarding my writing skills up till now.  Because of her selfless help, I became more confident and contented. I look forward to working with her on my next writing project and getting her valuable inputs.                                                     

 Amena Khan

I’ve worked with Tarryn for copy editing on two books now. She is quick, professional, and has an eagle eye for typos, homophones, misused words, and all the other little gremlins that seem to slip by in a manuscript no matter how many times we self-edit. I’m finishing up a new book and will definitely be hiring Tarryn again.

Alexes Razevich

It has been a pleasure working with Tarryn. Tarryn understands my style of writing and does a great job with maintaining the integrity of my work, while bringing it to life. She has been quick to respond to all of my questions, and is very thorough and yet returns all projects in a very timely manner. She is personable and gives me positive feedback about my writing. I look forward to working with her again on future projects. 

Maryam Kydd

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